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Flex Passes Purchases Have Now Ended. Make sure to purchase next season and save $!

FAQs on The Flex Pass

What is it? 
One Flex Pass ($100) equals 4 tickets. These 4 tickets can be used for ANY show this summer. That means only $25 for each show!

How do I use it?
You can use each Flex Pass however you'd like. This means you can use all 4 tickets to see The Rocky Horror Show. Maybe you want to use 2 for The Muppet Cabaret and 2 for Our Town. Or, you can use 1 ticket to see each of the 4 main stage shows (Camp Pendragon's Sleeping Beauty sold separate).

But is a Flex Pass worth it?
Yes! It's worth it. It's 30% in savings! This is a great deal compared to what you will pay for a single ticket after May 1st. Broken down, a Flex Pass means $25 per ticket compared to a $45 ticket the day of a performance. Plus, no extra fees!

Can I use the Flex Pass any time?
Any time, so long as a show isn't sold out. Just call the box office in advance and we'll book your ticket.

But what's the catch?
No catch! You just have to buy in advance. Flex Passes are sold until May 1 only. That's it. That's the catch. 

I still have questions.
No worries! Give us a call at 518-891-1854



By Richard O'Brien
Directed by Sarah Norris
Choreographed by Sarah Grace Houston
June 27 - July 9



Conceived by Edward Juvier
Directed & Choreographed by Jessica Wagner
Music Directed by Katya Stanislavskaya
July 20 - 29

our town.png


By Thornton Wilder
August 15 - 27

Legit Married.png

Friends with amenities

By Ahsan Ali & Lisa Jill Anderson
Directed by Sarah Norris
September 5 - 10

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