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EDI Statement

Pendragon Theatre, as an ensemble of artists, cultural workers and community members, based in the Adirondack and North Country region of New York State, commits to examining the racism that is embedded in our decisions concerning selection of plays for our summer professional and year-round theatre, our hiring practices, our investments and our community involvement.

We exist within a framework where power is not evenly or fairly distributed, and access is unequal. We commit to work consistently to create a more equitable and inclusive environment across our organization for artists, staff and audiences from historically underrepresented communities, including but not limited to people who identify as Black or African American, Indigenous, Latinx or Hispanic, Asian or Pacific Islander and all people of color, women, LGBTQ+, immigrants and people with disabilities.

Our Action Steps (as of January 2023)
We ask ourselves how art can act as a communal experience while holding space for artists to discover, deliberate and create.

In Process:
-Pendragon is committed to continuing its artistic planning with leadership positions available for BIPOC artists. 
-Staff and Board will be required to participate in yearly anti-racism training

-Pendragon is committed to helping create an equitable community, giving BIPOC artists and personnel as positive and fulfilling of an experience in the Adirondacks when working at the theatre and in the Village.

-Pendragon's 2022 Summer Season will include, for the first time, a main stage production written by a Black female-identifying playwright. Two of the four directors also identify as BIPOC artists.

-Pendragon will strive to veer away from tokenism, making a conscious effort to never isolate or place someone in a room where they are uncomfortable or without support.

Financially, we will:
-Operate with more budgetary and fundraising transparency, we have published our 990 on our website and will continue to update annually.
-We have provided transparency on who supports each production (when anonymity has not been stipulated) and more prominently highlight funders from marginalized communities and backgrounds, to be published on our website and in our program starting with the first production of our 2023 Season.

This pledge and process is a living document and will be updated and adjusted as often as is necessary in order to continue making positive steps forward and holding ourselves accountable.

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