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Thanks for joining our Winter Carnival production of Guys & Does!

The Deer Hunting Musical that promises more bang for your buck…


Sam Balzac* as Joe Jimmy Ray Bob Johnson III & Staghart of the Goldenhorns

Dylan Duffy as Duane Puddles & White Doe

Brenden Gotham as Fritz Dingleheimer

A whimsical excursion into the world of Wisconsin deer-hunting, with a little male bonding and a surprising encounter!

Hop in de truck and head up nort’ with Fritz, the Wizard of Whitetails, and his would-be son-in-law, Duane, who would much rather knit than hunt.  A hilariously awkward deer camp soon takes a magical turn when a talking white buck appears, seeking refuge from a trophy-hunting Texan.  Full of tunes you’ll leave whistling and jokes you’ll want to retell, if you’re on the hunt for big laughs, you’ll bag your limit at Guys & Does! 

Directed by Cara Walters

Music Direction by Kim Weems

Choreography by Marissa Hernandez

Costume and Set Design by Kent Streed

Assistant Direction and Stage Management by Courtney Knysch

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