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Thank you for supporting our 2023 Season endeavors!

Enhancing artistic, educational and programmatic opportunities.

Ongoing Major Supporters:

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With Annual Support from:


Lake Placid Education Foundation



Steve and Ingrid Dyott
arrie Wigmore

$1000 - $4999

Dan Bready and Kevin Dickinson Endowment Fund

Robert Holum

Phil and Cindy Idziak

Carol Pfeiffer

Kimberley Ringhausen

Laura-Jean and Randall Swanson

Charles and Sally Svenson

Joseph Williams

The Laurel & Michael Skarbinski Charitable Fund

$500 - $999


Robert L and Biruta K Anthony

Michael and Ellen Bettmann

Bill and Sarah Dehoff

Stephen DeHond

Regina and Jim Derzon

Mark and Lauren Epstein

Charlotte and Bob Hall

Neil Holtzman

Marty Lawthers

Joe and Samantha Marocco

George Matthews

Meredith Prime

Marsha Stanley

Howard S and Wendy W Tuthill

Nancy and Bill Zisson

$250 - $499


MaryLiz Alexander

Nancy Bernstein

Sandy Bissell

David and Lucy Carson

James Crane

Kathy Daggett

James C and Caroline W Dawson

Leanna Deneale

Craig DuMond

Barbara Dwyer

Paul Ellis

Kathy and Lonnie Ford

Sunita Halasz

Susan Hearn

Kim Holderied

Suli Holum

The Huth Family Charitable Fund

Brian Kelahan

Richard and Bobbie Leamer

Lynn Magnus, Long Run Wealth

Robert McClellan

Jim Mchugh

Tyler Nye

Marijke Ormel

Dan and Cheryl Osborn

Anne Scavo

Edward Sheats

Jamie Shenkman

Thomas and Elizabeth Vales

Christine Wais

Fran Yardley

Richard S Zazycki

Women's Civic Chamber


$100 - $249

Phyllis Apuzzo

Peggy Barrett

Kevin Brady

Jean Brennan

Bernadine Brooks

Angela Brown

Brian Chollar

Marie Cogar

April Davis

Robert Davis

Helen Demong

Rick and Connie Dennis

Betsy Dirnberger

Tom Eldred

Dorothy Federman

Elaine and Dan Frechette

Michael Freshman

John Friedman

Philip Glotzbach

Beth  Glover

Jane and Bill Gnadinger

Ron and Sharon Gotham

Stephanie Gubbelin

John Haverlick

Joyce Henklein

Abigail Hopkins

Jordan Hornstein

Audrey Hyson

Carol Jackman

David Johnson

Tom and Jackie Kalinowski

Lorraine Kelley

Rajinder and Linda Khosla

Carol Kissam

Cherie Knudson

Walter and Katherine Kretser

Rod Kunz

Alethe Lescinsky

Melinda Little

Dale Lumby

Steve Erman and Margot Gold

Lisa Mastrean

Allola McGraw

Melissa and Scott Monroe

Don and Shirley Morgan

Barbara Mulvey

George and Margo Nagle

Susan O'Brien

Ralph Ocker

Sandra and Ronald Otten

John and Jane Pinkerton

Beverly Quenville

Amy and Owen Richardson Peacock

Dorothy Ritchie Valhouli

Connie Rockefeller

John Rosenthal

Renate Schneider

John Sheldrake

Richard and Carol Shine

Dave Shippee

Florence Short

Granville and Jennifer Small

Craig W Smith

Janet Sodell

Eric Soslau

Mark and Dorice Stancher

Kathy Steinbrueck

Kirk Sullivan

Eleanor Sweeney


$100 - $249

Beryl Szved

Allison Wade

Erin Walkow

Keith Wells

Deb and Will Wester

Robert and Michelle White

Douglas Whiteman

Byron Whitney

Pat and Ken Wiley


Up to $99

Susan Alexander

Jonathan Allen

Robert Andrews

Allison Botros

Kathleen and Ron Bowler

Alan Brown

Karen Burka

Helen Cairns

Brian Coan

Bruce and Laura Coffin

Cindy Conway

Kimberly Corwin-Gray

Lora Couture

Michael & Ruth Denicolo Mader

Penny Dieffenbach

Judith and David Doebler

Walter Duffy

Patricia Duffy

Denise Erenstone

Anita and Rahn Estling

Janice Fitzgerald

Tim and Diana Fortune

William Gole

Karen Graff

Richard and Wendy Greguski

Susan and Peter Hahn

Tracey Henderson

Sandra Hildreth

Janet Howard

Leonard G Hyman

Kathleen Keck

Lynne Kemp

Chantelle Kite

Lee Lamparski

Eileen Leifheit

Ronald Leiser

Ariel and Mike Lynch

Michael and Ruth Mader

Gail Meyer

Robert and Jeanne Morton

M Nedelka

Judith Pareira

Mary and Mark Paul

Diane Peterson

Joseph and Anne Pillmeier

Larry and Jean Poole

Lauri Salamy

Fred Schwarz

Wilhelmina Sheridan

Peter Slocum

Maryalice Smith

Margaret Srodey

Lori Stein-Butera

Kathleen Stewart

Susan Storch

Robert and Amy Sweet

Hermann Teifer

Nathalie Thill

Margaret Worden

John Zimmer

Jessica Zobel

Pendragon Theatre gratefully acknowledges the many individuals, foundations, corporations, and government agencies whose generous gifts provide vital support to our commitment to artistic excellence and civic engagement. Listed above are those patrons whose annual gifts are indispensable to the success of our mission. If you would like to join our family of funders, please contact Michael Aguirre at or call 518-891-1854

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