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Virtual Auditions due BY 10am Eastern Today, March 11!

Local in-person auditions


Performers in the area!


Auditions for The Rocky Horror Show, The Muppet Cabaret, and Our Town.

Bring a resume, headshot/recent picture, and your summer schedule.


Saturday, March 11, 10am-12pm.

By appointment only. Registration link here.


Pendragon Theatre located at 15 Brandy Brook, Saranac Lake.

Important Note:

Each show rehearses for 2 weeks during the day throughout the summer (breakdown below).

We are also seeking "Extras" (Rocky Horror guests, Our Town residents) with a lesser rehearsal commitment but all performances still required.

Salary: AEA Level 2 Special Agreement Contract (Pending Approval)

Prepare for 'Rocky Horror'/'Muppet Cabaret' consideration:

- 32 bars in the style of Rocky Horror or a song from the Muppet canon. It is not necessary to sing from the show but it is also perfectly acceptable.

- An accompanist will NOT be present, but you may use a track or sing a cappella.

- If you would like to be considered for the role of Columbia, be ready to demonstrate your tap ability, highlighting technique & performance skills.

Prepare for 'Our Town' consideration:

- A one minute monologue in the style of the show (it is perfectly acceptable to use a monologue from Our Town).

Important Dates:

The Rocky Horror Show | music, lyrics and book by Richard O'Brien

first reh: 6/12 

tech: 6/24 & 6/25

first perf: 6/27

closing perf: 7/16

The Muppet Cabaret | conceived by Edward Juvier

first reh: 7/6

tech: 7/18 & 7/19

first perf: 7/20

closing perf: 7/29

Our Town | by Thornton Wilder

first reh: 8/1

tech: 8/12 & 8/13

first perf: 8/15

closing perf: 8/27

'Rocky Horror' Character Breakdown

Dr. Frank ‘N’ Furter (Lead): All Genders/All Ethnicities, Rock Baritone/Tenor, 30s-50s. Self-indulgent cross-dressing mad scientist/ transvestite/master of the castle. Brilliant comic timing and charisma. 


Brad Weiss (Lead): Male/All Ethnicities, Bari-Tenor (high G), 20s-30s. Strait-laced and optimistic fiancé of Janet. Should be able to play stilted innocence as well as some fragility.

Janet Weiss (Lead): Female/All Ethnicities, Mezzo w/ belt (occasional high F), 20s-30s. Naive and wholesome fiancé of Brad. She is coy and shy at first then becomes sexy and outlandish.


Magenta (Supporting): Female/All Ethnicities, Rock Mezzo/alto (low B to high E flat), 20s-40s. Rock 'n roller ala Joan Jett, one of Dr. Frank ‘N’ Furter’s strange servants, sister/lover of Riff Raff, possibly has Eastern-European accent, an exotic beauty, she exudes sex.


Riff Raff (Supporting): Male/All Ethnicities, Strong Rock Tenor (high B), 20s-40s. An eccentric butler of Dr. Frank ‘N’ Furter, brother/lover of Magenta, a bit creepy, must be able to sufficiently “scream” the “time warp.”

Columbia (Supporting): Female/All Ethnicities, Mezzo/High Tenor, Strong Belt, 20s-30s. One of Dr. Frank ‘N’ Furter’s groupies, girlfriend of Eddie. Strong character actor, cute and bubbly with a rough, rocker side, must be able to tap.

Eddie/Dr. Scott (Supporting): Male/All Ethnicities, Rock Tenor (high F#), late 20s-40s. Eddie is a rock n’ roll delivery man, boyfriend of Columbia. Dr. Scott is a high school tutor of Brad and Janet, strong character actor with amazing comedic timing, German accent.

Rocky (Supporting): Male/All Ethnicities, Rock Baritone/Tenor (high A), 20-30s. The result of one of Dr. Frank ‘N’ Furter’s experiments, he is muscular, tan and epitomizes the image of “the perfect man."

Narrator: All Genders/All Ethnicities, mostly non-singing, 40s-60s. Professorial, tells the story of Brad & Janet to the audience in a dry, British-humor-inspired manner. A unique speaking voice is preferred, and must have a strong presence.

Transylvanians/Phantoms (Ensemble): All Genders/Ethnicities, 18-60s. They appear for rocking back-ups and dance sequences, performers of various body types and all vocal ranges, but must be able to move well.

'Our Town' Character Breakdown:

Stage Manager: All Genders/Ethnicities, 30s-60s. Must be a good story teller, able to command the stage and engage the audience. Loves people, easy going and grounded with clear wisdom. This character is the all-knowing narrator who may be speaking for the author. Steps in and out of the action as other characters: a minister, a drug store owner, a neighbor lady passing by. 


Emily Webb: Female/All Ethnicities. Ages from 16 to 20 during the course of the play. The love story with her and George is the spine of the action. She is sincere and innocent, possessing a strong love of life and enthusiasm. 

Mr. Charles Webb: Male/All Ethnicities, 30-55. He is highly educated and is the editor and owner of the only local newspaper. A pillar of the community. Has a strong connection with his daughter. 

Mrs. Myrtle Webb: Female/All Ethnicities, 30-55. Mother of Emily & Wally. Serious and sensible, she chooses to hide her emotions sometimes in order to remain strong for her family. We see glimpses of her softer side from time to time, and it is obvious that she takes her role as mother very seriously. 

George Gibbs: Male/All Ethnicities. Ages from 16 to 32 during the course of the play. The love story with him and Emily is the spine of the action. He is an idealist and a romantic. He strongly and sincerely desires to be the best person he can be for the love of his life.  

Dr. Frank Gibbs: Male/All Ethnicities, 30-55. He is a doctor and family man. Romantic and in love with his wife. 

Mrs. Julia Gibbs: Female/All Ethnicities, 30-55. Mother of George & Rebecca. A loving, but no-nonsense mother. She is a romantic, possessing a youthful quality, and dreams of visiting Paris. Strong connection with her son. 

Joe Crowell: All Genders/Ethnicities, 10-15. Delivers the newspapers and sets up an important sense of friendliness among the neighbors of the small town. Actor will also play one or two ensemble roles.  

Howie Newsome: All Genders/Ethnicities, 15-30. Delivers the milk, leading the horse and wagon. Actor will also play one or two ensemble roles.  

Simon Stimson: All Genders/Ethnicities, 40s-60s.. Leader of the church choir, but has deep problems and a clear drinking problem. Attitude is acerbic, they are possibly depressed.

* The Muppet Cabaret Character Breakdown is TBD. Seeking any and all musical theatre performers!

Pendragon's contracts prohibit discrimination. Pendragon is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Pendragon encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to attend the audition.

NON-Local virtual auditions

If you are not local to the area or you are unavailable to attend in person auditions but would still like to be considered for a show, make a video audition using the guidelines listed below on what to prepare.

Send the link, a headshot/recent picture, and an acting resume to before March 11 with the subject:

(Your) Name - 2023 Pendragon Auditions

Indicate in the body of the email which show(s) you are interested in and if you have any conflicts with the commitment times (also listed below). Additionally, please be sure to still fill out the Audition Form.

The video link can be an unlisted YouTube link or a direct video file from your phone.

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