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What's Happening . . . SNOW QUEEN July 5 at 1 pm and July 7 at 11 am TINTYPES NOW PLAYING

Death of a Salesman from Bonnie B. Brewer on Vimeo.


Pendragon Theatre is an ensemble of artists, based in the Adirondacks, dedicated to preserving the vitality and enhancing
the quality of professional theatre through year-round performance and educational programs.



opened on Broadway in 1980, the same year that Pendragon was founded, and serves as a musical tribute to the creation of our theater. This Tony nominee
for Best Musical revolves around 5 characters from the turn of the 20th century,
including Teddy Roosevelt, Charlie Chaplin, Emma Goldman and Anna Held. 
To a pastiche of familiar tunes, such as ‘’Yankee Doodle Dandy,’’
“Meet Me in St. Louis,’’‘’The Wabash Cannonball,’’ ‘’Wait for the Wagon’’
and ‘’America,’’ the show takes a whirl through moments of history as diverse
as the invention of the light bulb, the Spanish-American War, the building
of the Panama Canal and the glory days of vaudeville.



















Feasibility Study

Pendragon’s Feasibility Study

Pendragon has recently received a grant from the Regional Economic Development Council (REDC) toward a feasibility study for a theater/community arts center in Saranac Lake. Along with our partners the Village of Saranac Lake and North Country Community College, we want to determine the possibilities for such a center, including potential uses, the requirements generated by those uses, whether such a center could be economically built and operated, and what the benefits to the community could be.

What’s wrong with Pendragon the way it is?

Our beloved and careworn facility needs significant investment to be able to operate in the future. If that kind of investment is needed, can we make it in a way that can benefit more than just Pendragon?

Why a feasibility study?

There are many widely varied opinions as to needs, locations, benefits, and issues. We will be partnering with a firm who can help collect those needs and use their experience to generate requirements and costs in a logical manner. Using as much local knowledge and expertise as possible, we will then look at options including upgrading the current facility, renovating an existing building, or building a new facility. All options are currently open.

What does NCCC hope to gain?

NCCC has wanted to add a performing arts program to its curriculum for some time.

What does the Village hope to gain?

Saranac Lake has gained a reputation as a vibrant center of arts in the Adirondacks. One potential for a new theater/ community arts center is to provide a physical presence for organizations such as Saranac Lake Art Works and others, supporting the many artists in the region. In addition, Pendragon adds more than half a million dollars to the local economy annually. The Village would hope to maintain and expand that positive economic impact and the momentum of responsible growth represented by such projects as the Hotel Saranac renovation .

What if I have ideas? How can I help?

First, you can provide your email address to You can also send questions and constructive input there. Our current plan is to use our email distribution list for an online survey. In addition, the consultant will be doing phone and in-person interviews, both individual and in groups. If you have a skill to volunteer, please let us know!

When do you start?

We plan to start in March, with the first phase taking approximately 2 months.

Thank you!



nyscalogo Pendragon receives funding from the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature.